SiteUpdate: New Promotion Page for the OpenEducationDisc!!!

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LINK: Murder

Site Update: Video Learning Section Now added

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Find reading boring? Want a quick and easy way to understand?

Then use this section to the full as it offers the best way for you. You can watch everything over and over again, and the best thing about it... No Boring Reading!

Click Here for Video Learning!

Site Update: News Section Added

posted 13 Mar 2009, 16:22 by Dilwoar Hussain   [ updated 13 Mar 2009, 16:25 ]

A News section has been added to the upcomming top A Level Law Website. This section will keep students upto date with the latest News in the Legal World. More and more new features are planned to be added so keep your eyes open and visit here regularly.

Link: News

The Management - - Now on Loxford School Website

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Loxford Law has now officially been recognised by Loxford School of Science & Technology. The school is very impressed with the progress that the site has been making especially the stucture, they found the site to be very user friendly and have included it on their official school website. Many thanks to Loxford School from the D. Hussain Publications Team.

Visit it at:

Site Update: Practice Exam Papers Added

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Practice exam papers from AQA will give students the best way to pass their law exams. All exam papers come with Mark schemes so students will know what the examiners are looking for. Also we included Old Spec Past Papers and Examiners Reports so that Students may try extra questions which are similar to their syllabus.

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Site Update: "About A-Level Law" Section added

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It's a big decision for a student having to choose their A-levels. Thats why D.H. Publications with help from AQA & Loxford School website have come up with a little guide which will help potential students find out more and understand more about A level law.


Loxford Law News: New Site Opens - Still Under Construction

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Loxford Law News: New Site Opens - Still Under Construction.

If you want a preview, visit:

Notes on Jury - Now Available to Download, Visit Downloads and Resources Section

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Special thanks to Jamie Bartlam for theses excellent notes on the jury system. Also recognition to D. H. Publications for the production design.


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The Loxford Law Forums is now fully active. You can now get homework help, revision tips and meet new people all at Loxford Law Forums.

Link: Loxford Law Forums

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